Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Students Sound Off In Support Of Gay Marraige

Over the course of this year we've worked closely with Students at the Horizon School. They range from 8-12th grade. They were the first crop of high school students to go through out "Be The Change" curriculum. One of their assignments was to pick an issue they would like to build a campaign around and create a short Public Service Announcement and a brief statement to go along with it. Over the course of the next six weeks I'm excited to be able to publishing one youth created public service announcement video.

Here's the first one:
We as a group believe that homosexual marriage should be accept into American society. In America, we strongly promote freedom of speech and actions. American also claims that church and state are separated for your freedom of religion. With all of these exceptional ideas in place, homosexuality is still strongly opposed in government run operations. Why? Give us a good reason.

{Closets are for clothes}
A gay marriage is a happy marriage!

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