Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Landlord Breaks Promise to Sell Home to 27 Year Tenant After Community Rallied to Raise the Funds


What: Press Conference to Save Ms. Juliet's Home

When: Thursday, April 21, at 4 p.m.Where: 3529 Misty Valley Rd Decatur GAPlease join us tomorrow at a press conference and neighborhood meeting at the home of Juliet Brown, a Black elder of Decatur who is facing a pending writ of possession in the fight to remain in the home she’s rented for 27 years.

Ms. Juliet has rented her home for 27 years. In 2019, Dustin Maxwell purchased Ms. Juliet’s home, at the time promising Ms. Juliet that he was committed to letting her stay. In February 2021, however, Maxwell notified Juliet that he was selling the home.

After lengthy negotiations, Dustin agreed to allow Ms. Juliet to purchase the home. Neighbors and community members helped raise money, and Maxwell was presented with a finalized purchase agreement. However, Maxwell is no longer willing to sell, and has filed to proceed with the eviction.

Ms. Juliet has been fighting this eviction for nearly a year, and her case will now go to Georgia Superior Court. Ms. Juliet’s fight is just one piece of a larger struggle against gentrification and displacement in predominantly Black Atlanta-area neighborhoods.

Ms. Juliet and Housing Justice League refuse to allow Dustin Maxwell to get his way in the year long struggle to save Ms. Juliet’s home. It is not right to displace a long-term, Black senior resident just to make a quick buck.Please come out and show your support. Bring Signs!