Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Tresletree Resident's Fight Back Against Illegal Harassment in Atlanta

Uninhabitable living conditions including mold and raw sewage, constant threats of eviction over petty lease violations, ignored maintenance requests, and constant harassment from onsight management are just some of the reason's Trestletree tenants banded together to form a Tenant Association at the beginning of the Summer. 

 For those that don't know tenant organizing is a legally protected activity in not only the the state Georgia, but the HUD contract the Monroe Group(owners of the property) signed makes the federal protections very clear; tenants have the right to organize. 

 After launching an online petition and organizing a peaceful family friendly community rally the property management company, who represents the owners of Trestletree, have doubled down on their harassment of tenants and their right to organize for liveable conditions wading deeper into not only violating Georgia law but breaching their HUD contract.  This is especially troubling considering we are living through an unprecedented pandemic.

The management is attempting to organize their own tenant association, which is a clear violation of HUD policy, they have also threatened to arrest members of outside organizations like the Housing Justice league if they are on the property, also a violation of their HUD contract. We have also learned they have intimidated several tenants who are guilty of nothing more than attempting to fix unacceptable living conditions.

The Atlanta Economic Justice Program will continue to support tenants fighting for their rights and ask that you sign and share the online petition created by Tresltree tenants.