Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Conections At KSU!

I had the pleasure of presenting a movement building 101 workshop at Kennesaw State University tonight to a classroom full of students. Though the event was scheduled in the last week I was still pretty excited about having an opportunity to bring different students I've worked with over the years into the same space. I've often noted that I know to many cool student activists at KSU that don't know each other. It was such a pleasant surprise to see a lot of those folks come to the workshop.

Everyone that attend was extremely perceptive and receptive. It's not every group that can embrace the different interactive aspects of the workshop but KSU students seemed hungry for organizing tools and more then will to take a walk outside of their comfort zones.

It's so important for small groups working for positive social change in Cobb county(or anywhere!) to link up and consolidate organizing energy when possible. Learning/ re-leaning the movement building tools of the past has been an exciting empowering experience for me, I hope some windows of possibility cracked open this evening for other folks, I know they did for me!

The event was part of the lead up to the 2011 Peace Con at KSU this Friday where there will be workshops, a social justice market, artists,a nd cultural events.

Thanks you to Jessie Blowers, Professor Pynn, and everyone else that organized the event tonight!

Tim Franzen
American Friends Service Committee
Special thanks to Professor Lands for having her class attend!

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