Sunday, March 13, 2011

Migrant Youth Voice Workshop

Today we held another Migrant Youth Voice workshop to keep in touch with our friends from the last workshop as well as to continue the project with new youth. This workshop consisted of students from Cross Keys High School, a school that SCAP is deeply involved with and has developed relationships with students and staff. Some students knew each other previously but others were excited to get to know one another. We took time to share our personal stories and beliefs with one another. A great deal of the group discussion today was focused on how legislation such as HB59 and HB87 would affect them and their families. Some students shared their thoughts on film for the Migrant Youth Voice video project and all of them were excited at opportunity to make a change. We talked about the rally against re-segregation in Universities on March 14th, as well the cost of war march on March 19th and the rally for truth on March 24th. The group had great ideas for banners and had tons of fun creating them! It was a great day with good energy and we're excited to continue to work with Cross Keys and more of Georgia's Immigrant youth.

Josie Figueroa
American Friends Service Committee

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