Friday, October 5, 2012

You Can Help Save My Home From Wells Fargo!

Since this June you've all helped keep me in my home and given a voice to the thousands struggling in the Atlanta metro area. As a result of the pressure all of you helped put onto Wells Fargo, they called me last month and said they were given authorization to work on a loan modification.  It was historic news considering the fact that they had already foreclosed on my home! When you’re as low as I was at the time, any good news is elating; I honestly thought I had won!

I didn't, and Wells Fargo has been dragging their feet in what feels like a waiting game. I was supposed to get word on my modification yesterday. It looks like my time is running out; while Wells Fargo takes their time on my modification I could be evicted any day now.

Can you help give Wells Fargo another push to make a deal that keeps me in my home? I’m not asking for a handout, I have money to pay, and the last thing my neighborhood needs is another empty house. One phone call can make a huge difference.

Can you help me win a victory for the 99%?
Here's how you can help today:

 Call Mike Heid: Please call Mike Heid, President of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, at (515) 213-6117 and demand that he make a deal to keep me in my home. Here's what you can say:"Make the modificationt  to keep Edmond Steve Boudreaux (Loan #00006391834) in his home. Accept his payments instead of leaving another empty house in our communities."

In Gratitude,
Steve Boudreaux


  1. Done. His receptionist is very polite. I hope she is paid what she's worth.

  2. Done deal. Receptionist had all your info at her desk. Good luck with this. I watched my best friend get illegally foreclosed on by Wells Fargo. They sold her house at auction in the middle of the loan modification. They never even sent her paperwork. She learned of the sale online and was evicted by the 'new owners'.