Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Famed Whistle Blower Lynn Szymoniak Exposes Major Fraud In Jacqueline Barber's Foreclosure

Lynn Szymoniak will join Jacqueline Barber at her home Wednesday 10/17 from 12:30pm-5pm for press junket
160 Stearman Road Fayetteville Georgia 30214(The street name was changed a few years ago so it may not show up on GPS, try using 160 Woodland Road)

Last week, former Atlanta Police officer and cancer fighter Jacqueline Barber joined forces with Occupy Our Homes Atlanta in a last ditch attempt to save her home and stop her impending eviction. The story struck a chord with millions of others around the country who were inspired by Ms. Barber's story and were outraged to hear about her battle with the bank. 
One of those people happened to be Lynn Szymoniak, the famed whistle blower who uncovered massive mortgage fraud, and served as an expert witness for the US government in the case brought against the nations five biggest mortgage servicers earlier this year. In March, she was awarded $18million for her part in the case that resulted in a $25billion settlement, an amount she acknowledges is not nearly enough to make up for what homeowners are going through. Lynn investigated and uncovered much of the fraud when she was faced with foreclosure herself, after her own battle with cancer wiped out her savings. "I can't imagine having to fight the banks for my home, while battling cancer at the same time," she says relating her experience to what Jacqueline is going through right now. 

Lynn examined Jacqueline's mortgage documents after hearing her story and revealed her opinion that fraud was prevalent, including assignments that appear to have forged signatures by well known "robo-signers", and sent a letter to Ms. Barber explaining what she had found. 

On Wednesday, October 17, Lynn Szymoniak will visit Jacqueline Barber at her Fayetteville home to offer her support.

On Wednesday we will have poster sized title assignments and expose the clear fraud is Ms. Barber's case. Supporters including former APD co-workers will be present as an eviction could still happen any day.

The American Friends Service Committee is excited to be one the ground providing resources and building capacity around Jacqueline Barber's campaign and the growing housing justice movement. More and more we are seeing folks that haven't been engaged in grassroots organizing get involved and longtime organizers and organizations take on housing campaign initiated by Occupy Our Homes ATL.

Link to 60 Minutes story on Lynn Szymoniakhttp://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7402093n

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