Thursday, October 18, 2012

Steve Boudreaux Fights The Bank And Wins!

Back in June, Steve Boudreaux reached out to Occupy Our Homes ATL in total desperation, less than 24 hours before his home was set to be auctioned off on the Cobb county courthouse steps. Wells Fargo told him that they were working on a loan modification up to the very
last minute before the sale.

Now, four months later, we are overjoyed to announce that after organizing countless marches and sit-ins at bank branches, several bank call-in campaigns, an online petition, and an action at Fannie Mae (who actually owned the loan), Wells Fargo has rescinded Steve's foreclosure and granted a modification that will keep him in the home he loves for years to come!

In a matter of months Steve went from attending eviction court proceedings- fighting just to stay another week in his home- to getting a modification that he can live with, which leaves his community with one less boarded up crime magnet.

In a Statement from Steve, which he addressed to supporters, he stated, "I could not have done it without all of you! Everyone who signed my petition, called the bank on my behalf, everyone who organized and participated in direct actions, I owe you debt of gratitude, this is truly our victory! I don’t want this fight to stop with my home, I’m committed to pay it forward and help the next person."

While American Friends Service Committee is happy to celebrate Steve's victory, we also realize that millions continue to suffer at the hands of the financial institutions whose irresponsible behavior not only caused our economy to collapse, but continues to hold our communities hostage. We know that the key to real recovery is finding creative ways to keep struggling people in their homes, and it seems that that key is in the hand of the big banks.

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