Friday, October 12, 2012

Jacqueline Barber's Home Occupation Day One

Today over 30 of Jacqueline Barbers Friends, former co-workers, and Occupy Our Homes Atlanta members stood with Jacqueline with one simple message; we will not be moved.

With eviction looming the decision was made to launch a full scale 24/7 occupation to ensure that US Bank and GMAC can't execute an eviction.

Each day it becomes more clear that there were serious problems with Jacqueline's loan. Not only was the loan predatory, there are some pretty tell tale signs of foreclosure fraud. While the plan is to file a wrongful foreclosure lawsuit on Monday, our focus over the weekend will be to organize creative, dynamic, national direct action next week.

Committing to a home occupation is a big deal, the pitching of tents and dropping of banners means one thing; we are not leaving until a solution if found that keeps this family in this house.

1 comment:

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