Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Cold Wet Weekend

This weekend brought cold weather, lots of rain, and very windy conditions to 675 West Peachtree street.

For those that don't know 675 West Peachtree is the Atlanta HQ for at&t.

Occupy Atlanta has had an encampment set up since last Monday, and plans to stay until every job cut is rescinded, all 740 and forty of them. I had the pleasure of being one of the campers this past week and I plan on continuing to spend each one of my nights there.Last night the weather was especially brutal, several tents got flooded.

Despite the tough weather occupiers spirits seem high. The work ethic I've seem has been impressive. Folks get up everyday, go flyer, some stick around and clean camp, create new signs. Yesterday a crew of folks hit Marta all day and got a ton of riders to sign petitions to rescind layoffs.

The community support is exciting too. This weekend there was a number of sold out shows at the Fox theater so countless folks walked through the camp, most of them were supportive and many took literature explaining why we were there.

One really exciting aspect of this occupation is the collaborative efforts of many different groups supporting the occupation. Communication Workers of America, the Teamsters, Grandmothers for Peace, and Atlanta Jobs with Justice have all made key contributions to this effort. Camping, feeding, and making sure everyone's warm.

Can't forget to mention American Friends Service Committee. We've been providing all the printing costs so far, sign making material, and other valuable resource.

For those in the Atlanta area please consider stopping by 675 West Peachtree. We especially want folks out Tuesday(2/21) from 9-2pm.

Things you could bring if you visit:
warm food
warm liquids(hot chocolate, tea, coffee)
hand warmers
Clif bars
Paper towels
art supplies

Tim Franzen
American Friends Service Committee

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