Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Letter to Attorney General Holder About Recent FBI Raids

In recent weeks, AFSC partners across the country have been the subjects of raids by the FBI, investigations by local police departments, and grand jury investigations. AFSC believes these raids are ominous portents of renewed stifling of domestic dissent, not effective law enforcement. They place a cloud over the public debate that is vital in a healthy democracy.

In an open letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, Shan Cretin, general secretary of AFSC, urges an end to these repressive measures and for him to heed the growing call for vigorous action to defend, rather than diminish, our fundamental liberties.

Here's a link to the letter:

Here in Atlanta we are no strangers to government surveillance. Last year we were subject to a breach of security in our email system by Homeland Security.

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