Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Parkwood Farms Confronts Foreclosure Mill Law Firm

Today parents, volunteers, and supporters of Snellville's Parkwood Farms made a surprise visit to the office of Shapiro & Swertferger at 2872 Woodcock Boulevard Atlanta, GA 30341. 

Shapiro & Swertferger are part of a national network of foreclosure mills orchestrated by attorney Gerald M. Shapiro. Mr. Shapiro has lent his name and network to firms in at least 28 states to profit off of the foreclosure crisis by providing services to banks wishing to foreclose and evict.

In Georgia foreclosing law firms are often one of the only points of contact between a resident and their bank.

The parents of children who used to receive therapy at Parkwood Farms entered Shapiro & Swertferger's Atlanta office sharing their children's stories to pressure Shapiro & Swertferger into getting HSBC and Everbank to talk. They also gave the law firm employees a look at what their paperwork does to communities, small businesses, and families. 

Upon exiting the building employees of Parkwood Farms made the announcement that they will be re-opening the Farm for children tomorrow at 3pm regardless of whether the threat of eviction was lifted or not. 

All pictures by Crystal Huskey with Snellville Patch

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