Sunday, October 9, 2011

Occupy Atlanta Day 3

It's some kind of miracle that today has been by far the most energizing for me considering that I have had almost no sleep in the last few days. I attribute the surge of spirit and energy to a visit from the Be The Change Crew. Be The Change Crew, a group of high school aged youth organizers, had a regularly scheduled meeting at the AFSC to finalize plans for our annual "Love Bombs" event.

It ended up being a perfect opportunity to bring the whole crew down to Troy Davis Park(formerly Woodruff Park) to have a sharing session with Occupy Atlanta. The Be The Change Crew was exhilarated by the experience, especially the peoples mike, so much so that they decided to organize a youth gathering at Troy Davis Park this Sunday(10-16) from 2-6pm. During that time frame they plan to hold a youth caucus meeting and perform spoken word as well!

I also have to say that the theme of the day for my has been efficiency. Today the Occupy Atlanta movement finally feels like it's developing real systems of direct service, communication, and trust with each other. The process really feels like it's working, and people are feeling at home with each other.

For those who haven't come downtown, it's time. If you can't camp then come visit. There are needs for supplies if you have resources. We need blankets, tents, food, water, sun screen, ponchos, umbrellas, reams of paper, computers, and an 8x10 platform that could be used as a small stage. Please contact me if you're interested is contributing anything.

Our office at 60 Walton Street continues to be used as Occupy Atlanta headquarters, which is both taxing and exciting at the same time. AFSC hopes to continue to support this important movement in anyway it has capacity to facilitate.

Tim Franzen
American Friends Service Committee

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