Monday, August 4, 2014

Jailed For Justice Tour: Day 7, Augusta

Wow, what an eventful day we had in Augusta Georgia! Big thanks to the Augusta NAACP and Antioch Missionary Baptist Church for organizing our stop. It was immediately clear that organizers put a lot of energy into putting our tour stop together and lifting up the Moral Monday Georgia Movement. There were too many faith leaders and elected officials to count. Many of us were excited to be able to engage with such a politically diverse group of folks on the issue of civil disobedience as a tool for social change in our modern times.

It was also really exciting to hear what community leaders who hadn't yet engaged with Moral Monday thought about the Moral Monday movement. One of our goals of the tour has been to forge the relationships we need to create the statewide movement that Georgia needs to turn the tide against the extremist, economically insane agenda that continues to privilege a few at the cost of everyone else.

Peggy Marx, Greg Aims, Jackie Rodriguez, and Rev Francys Johnson all gave amazing testimony highlighting the reason why they engaged in civil disobedience and why the time is now to go all in for regular everyday Georgians who continue to suffer under immoral public policy our state.

Another exciting surprise in Augusta was that the Mayors office created and framed an official proclamation stating that August 3rd will hence forth be Moral Monday Jailed for Justice Day! Pretty wild right?

As at each stop we asked folks to commit to joining us August 23rd in Atlanta for the Moral March in Georgia. Almost everyone in the packed church enthusiastically committed to make the trip!

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