Tuesday, July 9, 2013

One Minute For Monoca Lamb

The last 3 months have been a nightmare for me. Not only have I been living for long periods without heat or air conditioning, I was recently verbally harassed and intimidated by property owner Jeffrey Brown, who is an attorney with the Department of Justice.

After requesting that the AC be fixed several times I was told by Jeffrey Brown that no more repairs would be made even if the temperature went over 90 degrees and that I needed to move out in 12 days! Mr. Brown used his position to intimidate me verbally and my neighbor listened as I cried on the sidewalk as this man commanded me to move out.

After that, I never felt safe in this house again. I just want to leave now, but I don’t want to accept abusive treatment from a land lord or a negative mark on my credit report when I didn't do anything wrong except stand up for my rights. I’ve asked that Jeffrey Brown and LIT properties do the right thing and return my security deposit in person the very day I move out.

Can you make one phone call on my behalf? It will take less than a minute and might make all the difference for me.

Please call Jeffrey Brown at 404.808.8289 and ask him to do the right thing.

Sample script:
Hello, my name is______________ and I am concerned about the unfair, abusive treatment of Monoca Lamb. Return her security deposit as promised so she can move out and she will. Thank you for your time.

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