Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Figaro's were ripped off, and they want their wealth back

Yesterday Mike and Patrice Figaro, along with several members of Occupy Our Homes Atlanta and myself, met with Fulton County Commissioner Bill Edwards 

More than 60 days ago the Figaro's met with the Fulton County Commissioner to discuss fraud the county had let slip by them that ended up costing their family hundreds of thousands of dollars. At that meeting Commissioner Edwards said he and his staff would look into the forged documents and unpermitted wiring and have a report in 60 days.

It's had been more than 70 days and still no report has been issued. Last time the Figaro's met with the commissioner he had two Occupy Our Homes Atlanta advocates escorted out of the building under threat of arrest. 

Yesterday we made sure to multiple our numbers and make it clear that we would not tolerate being shut out of meeting that was set up by our members. The commissioner also invited lawyers from John Wieland's office.

Patrice and Mike both were able to really present their case, maybe for the first time, uninterrupted by the county or John Wieland's lawyers. As they presented evidence it became clear, even to Commissioner Edwards, that there was wrong doing on John Wieland's behalf and maybe event the Fulton County. 

Although the Figaro's were hoping for totally resolution, wrong doing was acknowledged and  clear next steps were put into motion at the close of the meeting. Now it's our job, our mission to hold those next step commitments from Commissioner Edwards to some level of accountability.

The Figaro's case is really like no other Housing fight we have been involved with. At first look it can seem complicated, it's really not though. After building wealth in their California home they decided to move to Georgia. They invested everything into building a home they could pay cash for. Mike made sure the house was built custom for Patrice, as she is handicapped. They essentially hired John Wieland homes to build their house. 

Shortly after they moved in everything started going wrong. There we water faucets that spilled out water, a sink hole showed up in the yard, the foundation cracked, there was an electrical fire. Turns out proper permits were not only not obtained, it appears they were forged.

John Wieland sold a bad product, and the Figaro's bought it in good faith. Unlike most people these days they purchased the home in full, upfront. The home was faulty and quickly became a hazard. The Figaro's were ripped off, and they want their wealth back.

Sign the Figaro's online petition.

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