Wednesday, July 10, 2013

From Atlanta to Minneapolis

Today we delivered almost 10,000 petition signatures to a local Chase Bank Branch demanding Chase stop Minneapolis resident Sergio Ceballos' eviction and negotiate with him.

Last week a judge granted Chase Bank's request to evict Sergio Ceballos, even as they were considering him for a loan modification. That's called "dual tracking" and it's illegal under the national mortgage settlement--but that's not stopping Chase.

Sergio could be evicted as soon as next week--and cases like his are distressingly common, especially in communities of color. Chase, which played a key role in causing the crisis in the first place, is now flagrantly violating the terms of the new settlement--and STILL no bankers have gone to jail for their role in this mess.

It's clear the laws aren't enough to hold the banks accountable. If we want them to change their ways, we'll have to take action ourselves. So today solidarity actions were quickly organized all over the country.  We were happy to have Sergio’s back here in Atlanta and will take bolder action should Chase decide to move forward with eviction by force.

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