Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Evicted With Out Reason or Notice In Oakland

I’ve been in the Bay area the last few days attending a conference on public banking. I jumped at the opportunity to go because I’m truly interested in learning more about alternative to our current failed banking system, and it was an opportunity to visit my family in Oakland.

This afternoon I got a frantic call from my little sister Irene. She was being evicted from the home she had lived in for 10 years.

The eviction was a surprise to her and her roommate as she is totally up to date on her payments. Irene and her roommate had trouble paying her rent this past February but since she never missed a payment in her time here and it was only one month, the management agreed to a payment plan. Since then Irene has made all payments and is currently up to date on her rent. I personally have view the receipts and bank statements that confirm her payments.
This morning when Irene’s roommate stepped outside he saw a notice tacked on the front door. It was an eviction notice informing them that an eviction would be carried out today. It was the first notice they had received.

Irene immediately went to the courthouse filed and paid for a stay(with was granted), and rushed home. When she got home the sheriff had already changed the locks and the property manager wouldn’t let her in the home. She was locked out with no access to her belongings or her two cats.
After organizing on online phone/email blast to property manager and owner Bing Udinsky, several of us decided to hold a small candlelight vigil outside Bing’s home.

In the early hours of the morning, order of stay and receipt in hand, Irene moved back into her home with the support of her friends and family. Right now she is safe and sound inside her home. Her stay is good till July 5th, we hope law enforcement will comply.

At this point we still need a lot of pressure put on the Bing Udinsky and JU Properties. Please call and email call JU property manager Bing Udinsky and demand they let my little sister Irene Franzen back in her home (1618 6th avenue, Oakland Ca). Irene has lived there for 10 years and has made thousands of dollars in improvements. Irene literally has nowhere else to go right now and is totally paid up on her rent.

Please Call Bing Udinsky @ 510-655-3253(cell) or 510-654-7677(home) Email

We know that Bing has begun to respond by text and email to folks claiming Irene was several month behind, that she was given notice, and that Bing had given numerous calls to Irene. There’s are all lies that make one of two things clear; 1) Bing Udinsky is purposefully misrepresenting the truth. 2) Bing Udinsky has made some sort of mistake that has put my sister in jeopardy.


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