Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Landlord Plans To Evict Single Mother For No Apparent Reason

Today I met with Jaye and her friend(who's a local landlord as well) Nina Roark to discuss next steps to keep her landlord, Hugh Trotti, from moving forward with evicting Jaye and her young daughter from the place they have called home for almost 15 years.

So far Jaye has requested a meeting with Hugh Trotti, I have respectfully requested a meeting with Hugh Trotti, which he refused. After his refusal we had a few hundred people call and request a meeting with Hugh Trotti, there have been two candle light vigils in front of the Trotti residence, the Trotti's community was canvassed by a few dozen people all urging Hugh Trotti to work with Jaye. There has been an online petition for Jaye launched, a very large eviction free cookout at Jaye's home, and even professional yard signs encouraging Hugh Trotti to do the right thing.

Moving forward there has been plans made to continue to organize a candlelight vigils in front of the landlords home, and picket the future investment properties currently being built by the same owner.

Despite all of this Hugh Trotti has refused to speak with Jaye or even explain why he wants to evict Jaye and her daughter.

Today it became clear that the kind of energy being put into this campaign is unprecedented for this type of fight. We decided to simply attempt to have a conversation with Warehouse Lofts management and try to present them with Jaye's rent a few days early. Management refused the money and did not commit to sit down and talk. We left our number and asked them to call us in the next few hours, they never did.

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