Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"I'm Home! The Chains Are Broken!"

Day two for Toni Furman's home liberation and she's still standing strong. Today there was a wave of communtiy support for Toni. Dozens of neighbors stopped by to offer help and stand guard in the yard. Cars drove by and gave supportive honks all day.

There was so much support that we decided to have a community cookout Tomorrow(6/12) at 6:30 at Toni's house(1420 Stoneliegh Hill Road Lithonia). We hope to create space to answer questions the communtiy has about Toni's story, her action, how her story connects with others in the community, ways people can support, and what folks in the community might want to do to improve life in the neighborhood.

There was one reminder today that things at Toni's home can change very quickly. A repair man for Cenlar came by and when he realized that Toni had moved back in he said he was calling the police. The police never came, but is was a reminder that another forced eviction attempt is a real possibility that could happen.

Please sign and share Toni's online petition!!

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