Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Welcome Jackie Rodriguez!

As Moral Monday Georgia prepares to begin the Jailed for Justice Tour, I cannot help but reflect on what an amazing opportunity Moral Monday has been for me so far, and what is to come in the future. Moral Monday changed the way that I looked at my mission in life. You see, I never really considered myself an organizer or an activist. I never gave much thought to labelling what I have always wanted to do. I saw things that were wrong, and I knew I needed to help changed them. In that process, a key component was to excite other people to help change it with me. Joining the AFSC family has meant the platform, training, and support that I needed to pass on that message to others. AFSC is giving me the tools to turn my passion into change.

I have been all over the world but I have found a home in Georgia. This is where my heart lays, this is where my passions have been ignited, and this is where I have decided to take a stand. I will take a stand when the legislator’s attack us, when they fail to protect us, when extremists try to turn us back; I will take a stand because united we will make our home a better place.  From a very young age I have always been taught that we have the power as the people to change what is wrong in the world. If I do nothing else with my life I would be satisfied having passed that feeling and idea of power on to others. The people united will NEVER be defeated and together we will change the world. As long as we know that to be true, and put it into practice, it will be a reality.

 AFSC has made putting that into practice my reality. Joining the staff has given me the platform to bring my ideas and passion to the fight for a new Georgia. So thank you AFSC, for the opportunity to learn, grow, and share my message. Moving forward together, gives us the power to change everything.

To hear more about my story, and why I took decided to take three arrests with Moral Monday, join us on the Jailed for Justice speaking tour. Don’t miss the first stop by RSVP’ing today here.

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