Wednesday, May 21, 2014

37 years, 10 arrests, 1 Birthday Wish!!

Hey friends and allies!

It’s my birthday and I have a very short wish list. It’s an exciting time to live in Atlanta! Some might be aware that Atlanta has more wealth disparity than any other city its size.  That being said regular everyday people are standing up to racist laws, greedy banks, and bad policy.

I believe we can transform our city and I think Atlanta is worth fighting for. Today, on my birthday, I’m asking my friends to make a contribution to one or both of the following projects that I’m really excited about. Both projects are already showing positive results and I believe in their strategy, but they both badly need resources. Give big, give small, give somethingJ

Occupy Our Homes Atlanta is an amazing organization that helps people fight for their homes. The movement brings renters, homeowners, and the homeless together to frame housing as a human right.  The movement has managed to save countless homes.

Freedom House hasn’t launched yet, but I’m already super excited about how this project is bringing folks together and the amazing possibilities it’s presenting. Freedom house is immigrant youth led and aims to provide housing, movement space, and small stipends for immigrant youth to do organizing work in Georgia.

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