Monday, February 3, 2014

Santoro Family Stands Up to Wells Fargo

This past weekend Tony and Ladora Santoro organized a foreclosure free cookout at their home near the Big Chicken in Marietta. The Family bought the home in the mid 90's from Ladoro's parents, paid 20% down and were given a 7.5% interest rate.
The family had been paying ever since until Tony was laid off. Ladoro took on an extra job at McDonald's, working 30 hours a week there and 40 hours a week at Waffle House.

Eventually the family had to go to Wells Fargo with their hardship, asking them for a modification. Instead of working with the family Wells Fargo began to move forward with the foreclosure process despite the face that the family was making partial payments and could easily afford a modified mortgage amount.

Despite the fact that Tony has just gotten a new job Wells Fargo had still not agreed to work out a solution for the Santoro family.

So on Saturday friends, neighbors, and family came together to send a message to Wells Fargo that the Santoro's will not be leaving their home. American Friends Service Committee has worked closely with Occupy Our Homes Atlanta in supporting the Santoro's campaign to save their home from Wells Fargo and look forward to supporting their efforts.

The sad reality is that Wells Fargo would actually profit from a deal that would keep the Santoro's in their home, a home that has been in the family since 1976.

We encourage folks to sign and share the Santoro's online petition by clicking here.

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