Thursday, February 20, 2014

Homeowners Stand Up To Wells Fargo

Yesterday there were 15 cities across the country the participated in petition deliveries and protests at Wells Fargo bank branches.

Lats year Wells Fargo profited more then any other bank in the country yet there continues to be wide spread reports of illegal foreclosures, wrongful evictions, dual tracking, and a general unwillingness to negotiate with struggling homeowners many of whom have already lost all their wealth after the housing crash in 2008.

The petition delivered in 15 cities yesterday was for 86 year old Grandmother Lavinia Curry. Lavinia fell behind by one payment before Wells Fargo moved forward on her foreclosure process. Lavinia and her family have tried to catch up the payments but Wells Fargo has refused to accept the families money instead moving forward with putting the 86 year old out of her home.
Read more about it and sign the online petition here.

American Friends Service Committee was excited to participate in the Atlanta petition deliver with was quickly organized alongside Occupy Our Homes Atlanta.

It was especially exciting that half of the people that participated in the letter delivery are or have been in an active housing fight with one of the big banks.

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