Thursday, November 7, 2013

Get Sick, Lose Your Home

Zannie Jackson bought a home for his family in 2005, he invested countless dollars in fixing it up only to see the market crash as a result of irresponsible and fraudulent bank practices.
More about Zannie's story here

In 2012 Zannie was diagnosed with renal kidney failure.

Zannie's story is sadly not a new one, get sick, lose your home.

This past Tuesday Zannie had to undergo surgery on his arm to fix a valve that goes yo his heart. Zannie is currently in recovery from the surgery, and while he is on a kidney transplant list, Zannie's life is at serious risk.

Despite Zannie's dire situation Bank of America has been unwilling to return his calls and work with him. Today a group of us marched to Bank of America and asked to speak with the manager. We informed the manager of Zannie's condition and expressed our concern that the bank had no communicated with Zannie about his mortgage issues. We made it clear that we were there to simply deliver a letter to Bank of America and make it clear that we were not going to sit back and watch a dying man tossed onto the street.

The branch manager, who seemed prepared for our visit appeared very nervous and stern. She refused to accept the letter despite our assertions that Zannie is in the hospital and might not survive the year.

We left the letter and picketed outside the branch until it closed, distributing flyers that told Zannie's story. We hope that Bank of America decides to do the right thing  and work with Zannie, our communities don't need more empty houses and our streets don't need more homeless people.

Sign Zannie's online petition.

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