Friday, April 26, 2013

From Atlanta To Minnieapolis

Today AFSC joined Occupy Our Homes Atlanta to help deliver a message to Jamie Dimon in solidarity with Occupy Homes MN and two families in Minneapolis fighting against Chase Bank. 

We showed up at the Chase bank branch in the Westend, walked into the branch and delivered hardship letters for Jaymie Kelly and Sergio Aguilar along with pictures of them both. We made it clear that we would not accept their eviction and that we wanted the message sent to Chase that we need real solutions, not evictions.

After delivering the letter we spent about an hour outside the bank asking Chase costumers to deliver hardship letters to Chase employees while they do their banking. Dozens of Chase costumers agreed to ask Chase staff to work with Jaymie and Sergio.

Occupy Homes MN has joined with residents in Minneapolis' Central and Powderhorn neighborhoods to declare an "Eviction Free Zone". 

Three of the residents in the Eviction Free Zone are fighting against Chase Bank to stay in their homes. 

Jaymie Kelly has lived in her home for 30 years. After falling victim to a predatory loan, Chase expects Jaymie to pay $255,000 for a house currently valued at $81,000. 
After two attempts to meet with Chase and negotiate, the bank still refuses to discuss a responsible solution that will allow Jaymie and her daughter to stay in her home. They are proceeding with the foreclosure process and Jaymie is facing eviction in just a few weeks. 
Jaymie refuses to leave her home, declaring her right to stay in the neighborhood where she has lived her entire life.

As the fight continues between retired US Postal worker, Jaymie Kelly and Chase Bank CEO, Jamie Dimon, other homeowners in the Eviction Free Zone join in the struggle for fair negotiations with Chase.

After neighbors and supporters called Chase to demand the bank work with these homeowners, Sergio Aguilar received a call from the bank saying they would look into his case. 

But as hi
s redemption period expired on 4/9, Chase informed him they would not work with his family and plan to move forward with an eviction despite the fact Sergio can afford payments based on the current value of the home.

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