Thursday, April 11, 2013

Desert Storm Veteran Takes His Fight To Fannie Mae Executive's Home

The Past Wednesday Desert Storm veteran Mark Harris held a Candle light vigil and prayer service at the home of Catherine "Candy" Lasher, the regional director of Fannie Mae. Candy can decide whether or not to throw Mark Harris out of his home.

 Around twenty people Joined Mark for the somber event. After canvassing Candy Lasher's neighborhood to make sure everyone knew why we were there and that there was no need for folks to be afraid, Pastor David Rice led the group in prayer not only for Mark Harris but the millions of people struggling with a housing issue.

We had a candlelighting ceremony in which everyone in attendance shared their hopes, dreams, and concerns.

For me personally the issue of national security was on my mind this evening. I belief in national security, I think It should be our top priority as a national community.

A nation that is truly secure would see all of it's residents with a place to call home, food to eat, and a decent paying job. The sad irony in that we have all the resources to make the dream a reality. Our economic crisis has never been about resources, there's is and always has been enough to go around. Our crisis is about economic priority.

If we continue to believe that developing enough weapons to bomb the world a dozen times over and recruiting young people to go bomb other poor countries somehow makes us more secure, then we will continue to live in economic insecurity while those that profit from our manufactured fears make record profits.

Mark Harris and millions of others are in crisis, and we need to start seeing corporate greed and a historic military budget for what they are; robberies from our communities and real threats to real human security.

One simply place to start prioritizing  national security is for President Obama to do what he has said he would do on the election trail and fire FHFA director Ed Demarco. Demarco could single handidly bring relief in the form of the greatest people's bailout in my generation with mortgage principle reduction. Demarco has widespread support for this measure but has refused to move forward claiming that it's would be morally wrong to relieve people like Mark Harris of their dept.

It's time to let go backwards thinkers like Ed Demarco and appoint someone who has the courage and compassion to take our communities out of the hostage situation they've been in for years.

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Tim Franzen
American Friends Service Committe

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