Saturday, September 29, 2012

Georgia Youth Forced Into Military Testing

Some of you may know that there has been an ongoing effort by AFSC to address the unjust disproportionate recruitment of low income Georgia youth into the military industrial complex. For several decades struggling Georgia youth have been the target of fairly aggressive recruitment tactics that include the promise of well paid post military jobs, the promise of avoiding a combat zone, the promise of a great education, and more. We know that statistically speaking these promises are rarely kept, leaving the majority of young recruits hurt, not helped by their military service.

We have an opportunity to provide safeguards in Georgia, but we need to act
fast, and we need to act now.

Every year tens of thousands of Georgia youth take the ASVAB(Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test), many don't even know what it stands for. There are two lies that perpetuated in regards to this test.

1. It's a test designed to help you decide what career paths might be good for you.

2. It's a mandatory test.

The truth is the test is most certainly designed to see what kind of soldier
you would be, and all of the results are turned over to the local military
recruiter often without your knowledge or consent for one reason, so he can
better recruit you. The test is absolutely not required.

John Barge, Georgia's Superintendent, has been delivered a letter,,to address some of the concerns with the ASVAB test.

To learn more about the privacy concerns around ASVAB, check out this op-ed:

We believe we can win this important fight if we put real pressure on the
decision makers here.

Atlanta 30303)
Coffee and treats will be provided.  

Our goal is not only to discuss next steps, but also to begin writing
letters to John Barge encouraging him to do the right thing.  The
write-a-thon is co-sponsored by the Student Career Alternatives Program, ACLU Foundation of Georgia, and the Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition-Atlanta.

Together we can win!

Tim Franzen
Georgia Peace and Conflict Resolution Program
American Friends Service Committee

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