Saturday, September 1, 2012

Power To The People!

Over the last few days a five or six folks, myself included, spent hours preparing a design, cleaning, taping, and painting a bus to be used in an effort to outreach for the southeast's largest mobilization around housing justice in years.

Today was the first day the newly painted bus hit the road, and it was an invigorating experience.

Neighborhood to neighborhood, apartment complexes to parks the bus rolled through with a loud speaker and bus full of enthusiastic volunteers. We made countless stops and talked to countless people about organizing for housing justice. We visited a number of apartment complexes known for their nasty slum lords and shared strategies to organize for fair affordable housing.

We didn't come into communities empty handed either. Today was hot, so we provided cold water and healthy snacks to everyone we came into contact with.

Kids are back in school, so we gave out school supplies and books. We also provided AFSC's, "It's My Life" career opportunity guild books and "Before You Enlist" DVD's to high school aged youth.

Everyone we came in contact was invited to September 10th housing justice mobilization. I hope you will consider coming. Click here to see the event.

I want to ask everyone that can to volunteers to make the action a success, we REALLY need volunteers in the final stretch. Click here to sign up to volunteer.

Tim Franzen
American Friends Service Committee

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