Monday, August 20, 2012

Help Steve Save His Home

We've gained enough support to push my dispossessory hearing to August 31st. While I'm encouraged that I will not be evicted this week, I know we are still far from a solution that will keep me in my home permanently. Wells Fargo is still refusing to rescind the foreclosure, so there is no time to lose. This is an important week in my campaignCan you help me win a victory for the 99%? 
Here's how you can help today:
1. Call Mike Heid: Please call Mike Heid, President of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, at (515) 213-6117 and demand that he make a deal to keep me in my home. Here's what you can say:"Rescind the foreclosure and work out a deal to keep Edmond Steve Boudreaux (Loan #00006391834) in his home. Accept his payments instead of leaving another empty house in our communities." Report your results here.
2. Share the petition: I delivered the petition this past Friday, but I'm still hoping to pass 2,000 signatures this week, can you help?

3. Plan a solidarity action: For the past month we've been organizing small flash demonstrations outside of Wells Fargo Branchs. We hope that you will add to our numbers by either joining us or by visiting branches in your hometowns. You can go by yourself or get a small contingent together to deliver this letter to tellers and branch managers. If you can take it a step further, organize a rally at a local branch. 
I look forward to reporting back on our progress!

Thank you so very, very much,
Steve Boudreaux

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