Sunday, July 15, 2012

Georgia Prison Hunger Strike Continues

The following is a letter written by Delma Jackson, spouse of one of the hunger strikers, and Pastor Kenneth Glasgow. The letter addresses claims made by the department of corrections that the hunger strike is over.

Hello Everyone,

I am sure some of you may heard the Georgia Department of Corrections claims that the strike is over.  Please do not believe those lies the strike is still in full force. Our attorney met with Miguel Jackson (one of the hunger strikers) and he advised Mr. Williams that the strike is in force and has never ended.  They did lose one striker who began eating food however there are people still joining the strike.  With that being said it has been 35 days since these men have eaten.  We must move swiftly or people are going to start dying. 

 We are holding a Solidarity Rally   Monday, July 16, 2012 and this time we are going straight to the source The Georgia Department of Corrections.  We will be demanding a meeting and we will not leave until Commissioner Brian Owens agrees to meet with us. We need your support and prayers for these courageous men.  Please distribute the flyer feel free to post it on social media, blogs, and etc. it is imperative that we build awareness and gain all the support we can. If you have any additional questions our contact is below:

Delma Jackson / Prodigal Child Project Atlanta
(Mobile) 912-322-0668

Pastor Kenneth Glasgow /TOPS
(mobile) 334-791-2433

We're are also having an INTERNATIONAL call in day to support Georgia Hunger Strikers THIS MONDAY July 16, 2012!!!

NUMBER TO CALL!  (Please encourage everyone to call while we are outside demonstrating) 10:00 am -1:00pm EST
Brian Owens, Commissioner, GA Department of Corrections, ask for his administrative assistant Peggy Chapman 478-992-5258

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