Sunday, July 29, 2012

Brunch For Housing A Success!

AFSC Atlanta has been proud to be a part of the Occupy Our Homes National movement, and especially excited about the outcomes of Occupy Our Homes ATL's (OOHA)work locally. We've seen homeowners, renters, even Churches stand up to slumlords and big banks and win. These victories are important, and we know they have a real impact on others decision to stand up and fight.

With Georgia's housing crisis reaching historic proportions, we all realize how vital this work is, so it was a no brainier when OOHA asked for some help with their Sunday brunch. AFSC provided food and a cook for the waffle brunch, which took place today and had a few simple goals; to provide space to create dialogue about the housing crisis, give updates on current resident led campaigns, and raise a little funds to sustain OOHA's work.

Everyone who showed up was also asked to sign our online petition to save Steve Boudreaux's home( sign by clicking here), and a delicious time was had by all.

We're all excited about several of OOHA's upcoming resident led campaigns that seek to take home defense work in Atlanta to the next level.

Tim Franzen
American Friends Service Committee

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