Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mad Props To Dejah and Marc!!

This past week Dejah Ault and Marc Pongnon graduated from high school. Both Marc and Dejah have been key organizers with AFSC's Student Career Alternatives Program(SCAP), they also both participated in SCAP's college prep and SAT tutoring program, and they both helped organize last year's Be The Change Youth Convergence.

Over the past four years it's been really exciting to watch Dejah and Marc grow as both human beings and community organizers. Last summer Dejah was granted a summer internship with AFSC and spent her time organizing youth in our Be The Change Crew. Dejah's outgoing, glowing personality made her a perfect fit for a role the required a lot of presentations, creative outreach, and leading teen workshops on social justice work. Dejah plans to attend Spellman and has been award the Gates-Millennium Foundation scholarship! The Gates-Millennium Foundation scholarship is basically a full ride all the way to a PHD! Way to go Dejah!

Marc got involved with AFSC during our campaign to stop the HOPE scholarship cuts last year and after just a few days ended up writing and giving a very profound speech during a press conference that clearly articulated the connection between a bloated military budget and education cuts. Marc stayed very active with SCAP ever since. Marc has received a scholarship to the University of New Haven, based on an essay he wrote about his experience organizing with AFSC.

Our hats are off the Dejah and Marc, we're so proud of both of you! No doubt that ya'll will continue to be the change our communities need!

Tim Franzen
American Friends Service Committee

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