Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SCAP Teams Up With GLAHR!!

Student Career Alternatives Program has had a three year relationship with Cross Keys High School and we make it a point to visit the school at least once a month. Over the years we've observed one overwhelming obstacle that students are forced to face when considering their post high school options; their legal status as citizens.

Often times students, who may have been brought to the US as small children, don't understand the full implications of their legal status until they're Juniors or Seniors and it's time to start thinking about next steps after graduation. Cross Keys High School has on of the largest undocumented student body percentages in the state of Georgia. Faculty are often heartbroken when they're faced with students who they have grown to care for yet are unable to help.

After our recent commitment to the national Migrant Youth Voice Project through American Friends Service Committee, SCAP has been more motivated to build alliances with organizations like the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights and the Georgia Dreamers. So we were REALLY excited that after our meeting at the GLAHR office this past Monday that Gina Perez and Eva Cardenas, both with GLAHR and the Georgia Dreamers, agreed to come out to Cross Keys with us and table outside the lunch room. Our afternoon at the school was extremely productive for all of us. Gina and Eva got to practice their outreach skills with high school students, Josie and I got to hype the 2011, "It's My Life" art contest, and we were all approached by someone on the counseling staff that invited us to present workshop next Tuesday on career options for undocumented students.

So next Tuesday brings collaboration #2 for SCAP and GLAHR and we're all super excited! I feel like 2011 is the year we all stand together, the year we go beyond making the connections in our minds, the year we go further, the year we meet in the street, on the campus, picket line, and in our communities.

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