Friday, September 17, 2010

Back To School With SCAP Pt.2!!

We had a last minute request to table at Stephenson High School in Stone Mountain and on less then 24 hours we were able to make it happen thanks to Josie and Adam! It was the first time we've ever tabled at Stephenson, so there's always a little tension and anxiety about how students and faculty will receive us. The three of us that spent all four lunch periods with the student body couldn't of asked for a better group of teenagers to hang out with. We met aspiring rappers, airplane pilots, artists, future accountants, physical therapists, and many more. When really asked most Stephenson high students had unique dreams for their future that didn't necessarily fit into the university/military/low wage job box that many students are conditioned to believe are their post high school options.

The message we stressed, "your options are unlimited". We gave out every copy of "It's My Life" that we brought with us, and students took almost all of the other resources we brought as well. We may have gotten more e-mail addresses from students at Stephenson then we've ever gotten on a single visit to a school.

Students seemed particularly interested in our, "If I Had A Trillion Dollars" youth video contest and our upcoming free all ages, "Love Bombs Over Euclid" event October 9th in little 5 points.

We can't wait to come back to Stephensen!

For more info on SCAP, and the "Love Bombs" party, visit:

Tim Franzen
American Friends Service Committee

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