Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Road Back From Detroit, A Youth Report Back

On Monday July 26 The Georgia Peace & Justice Coalition hosted a report back from the 2010 United States Social Forum which was held a month earlier in Detroit. This was no ordinary report back, instead of getting an academic analysis of the events in Detroit attendees were treated to more personal narratives from the young people who road to Detroit in the AFSC organized van.
The reason Georgia Peace & Justice Coalition decided to have a report back in this format was two fold.

1. The United State's Social Forum was HUGE! It would be so difficult to give an accurate summery of what went down. As Amber Keller said, " You could ask ten people and get ten different opinions". It seems the best way to get a comprehensive report on the many aspects of the Forum and the actions items that are coming out of it is to visit the official USSF 2010 site:

2. For those of us that went there was a general feeling that this year's USSF was much more youthful then the last, and perhaps more youthful then other national progressive mobilizations. We wanted to create a venue where young people could discuss how the experience effected them, and how they plan to apply the lessons of Detroit here in Atlanta.

Erica Schoon, With American Friends Service Committee, played emcee for the evening and members of the Georgia Peace & Justice Coalition provided a pretty amazing dinner spread. It was an evening of tummy warming food and heart warming stories.

Tim Franzen
American Friends Service Committee

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