Thursday, January 28, 2010

Working for Peace In Cobb County Georgia??

Cobb County Georgia is one of the most militarized Counties in the state. It's also known as a strong hold for the neo conservative movement. It also may have one of the most dedicated community peace groups in the southeast. During the build-up to the Iraq invasion in 2003 several frustrated Cobb County residence, Including myself, got together and started a weekly demonstration against, what President Bush promised at the time, would be a quick, cheap , necessary war, with light casualties. That weekly gathering was the foundation for what became Citizens For Peace Cobb, County ( ). CFP is the first peace group in Cobb County history. They've organized marches, anual film series, and plugged into numerous local and national campaigns. The group has grown and shrunks several times but on thing hasn't changed, the weekly demonstration against war. Since Mid January of 2003 CFP hasn't missed one Friday in front of the Courthouse on the Marietta Square from 12-1pm. The group has dealt with harsh treatment, harsh weather, busy schedules, and has not been moved from taking that corner for an hour every Friday.
We at the AFSC wanted to help CFP mark the seventh anniversary this year. So we decided to promote it and take that Friday to join them on the Square. After the regular hour demonstration we all had lunch together and Dianne Matheowetz, representing the Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition, gave a talk on the state of the anti-war movement in Georgia.
Thanks Al Viola for taking all the Great pictures!!!

Tim Franzen
American Friends Service Committee

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