Thursday, January 28, 2010

More King Week Events..

For the last several Years AFSC Atlanta has had a presence at the Big Atlanta MLK march. Usually we organize folks to pass out Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition posters which read, "Healthcare not Warfare. U.S. out of Iraq and Afghanistan". I suppose it's our way of bring the issue of Peace into the minds of those attending the celebration. This Year Caitlin Barrow, a former AFSC Peace Building associate and founder of the Progressive student alliance at GSU, was in charge of the distribution operation and I must say I was proud to be a part of her team. We got every poster we brought out into the hands of enthusiastic marchers.
Usually Social Justice Organizations meet at Peachtree and Auburn road and fall in as the last big block in the march. For whatever reason, this year the Atlanta police department tried to tell us we weren't welcomed to march this year-even though we have always had permission. Several organizers hit the street and told the officers we're marching anyway, feel free to arrest us if you must. Dr. King would have been proud.

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