Monday, March 13, 2017

Who is the Beltline For?

This past weekend the Housing Justice League did a day of canvassing with the support of SURJ Atlanta. It's park of an overall effort to gather data for a report that would highlight the impact of Beltline development to low to moderate income residents. 

We know the Beltline has already brought a net loss of affordable housing along the areas that have been complete. As the popular project makes it's way to Adair Park, Pittsburgh, South Atlanta, and Peoplestown we want to make sure that development doesn't displace. If the Beltline is going to be the inclusive beautiful project it was designed to be our city and those working to develop the Beltline must do a better job of making sure that everyone can enjoy it, not just affluent newer residents.

The results we are already seeing are unfortunately not shocking; the Beltline is squeezing out non-rich folks as it snakes it's way around the city. Mega projects like the Beltline and Turner Field beg the question, Who are we developing Atlanta for?

Our hope is that solid research can point us to policies our city can adopt to make sure development can benefit everyone and that long term residents can have the opportunity to stay in their community, to enjoy things like the Beltline instead of being squeezed out to make room for new people.

If you would like to get involved in this project we could use your help! Right now we need help with data analysis, data visualization, mapping, qualitative analysis of surveys and interview data, report writing, and editing.

There will be an open meeting  Saturday March 18th from 11-1pm at Hodge Podge Coffee. Email to get more information on how to plug into this effort!

Do you live in a Beltline neighborhood? If so we need folks to take the survey! It won't take long at all! Click HERE to take online survey.

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