Thursday, June 2, 2016

Youth Summer of Social Justice Kick-off BBQ in Peoplestown

As the Summer temps heating up so did social justice fun with the youth in Peoplestown. At 4:00pm the grill was fired up at the McDevitt Youth Center on Crews Street. The center is the meeting space for the monthly Housing Justice League meeting. As the food began to cook and the park started to smell like a great Atlanta Summer day the youth started to fill-in. It was not long after that plates were served and the park was full of the neighborhoods youngsters. Food was grilled and served for free to all the youth with hungry stomachs. At the end of the day we served nearly 50 youth and collected contact information for 50 young people in the neighborhood. All of which were invited and reminded to join our new and growing youth space at the monthly meetings. The BBQ was the first step to a Summer of Social Justice for Atlanta’s youth!

The next Housing Justice League mass meeting, which will include a youth break out, will be held Tuesday June 21st, click here for details!

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