Thursday, March 17, 2016

Peoplestown Residents to March Against Displacement Saturday

Peoplestown Residents and Allies to Hold Press Conference, Rally and March Against Displacement from the Community They Love and Helped Build!

As the eye of the City's development becomes fixated on the Peoplestown community we see more and more big and small development deals in the surrounding area that threaten to displace long-term residents from the communities they love and helped build. The City’s proposed storm water plan to address flooding issues in Peoplestown and its surrounding areas is not acceptable to many residents because it does not provide a sustainable solution to the flooding issues.  The problem can be and must be solved without displacing people.  

On March 19th residents and allies plan to fill the yards of those who intend to stay in their homes despite threats of displacement from the City.  The campaign has already saved one of their neighbors from displacement and the remaining residents are calling on you to help ensure that they can also stay in their homes. 

Mr. and Mrs. Darden, who live on the block, have encouraged the City “to do the right thing!”  Resident Tanya Washington, whose 91 year old home has never flooded, notes that she “doesn’t need to be saved from a flood; she needs to be saved from the City.”   These residents and their allies understand that the displacement, lack of affordable housing and environmental injustice issues are all plaguing their community and they are rallying and marching for change!

We will be meeting at resident Tanya Washington's yard (148 Atlanta Ave SE ) at 4pm for a press conference and rally followed by a march around the block with members of the Peoplestown community and special guests and supporters.  Join us!!

Campaign Video:

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