Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Nationstar Mortgage Get's a Surprise Deliver!

 Nancy Daniell, a senior citizen in Gwinnett County, has been an active community member at Berkeley Woods Condominiums since 1996, serving on the Board of Directors of her homeowner’s association and using her condo as a communal gathering space. After being laid off from her job in 2008, and facing an abysmal job market, her income from social security and a string of temporary jobs was no longer enough to keep up with her mortgage. She was denied a loan modification by her initial mortgage holder, Bank of America, forcing her to deplete her savings and file for bankruptcy.

Recently Nancy's loan was sold, with millions of other peoples, to Nationstar Mortgage. Not that we've linked to Nationstar's Facebook page instead of their regular website just so folks can get an idea of how difficult the mortgage holder is to work with. One reason why Bank of America has unloaded so many mortgages to Nationstar is because Nationstar isn't accountable to the National Mortgage Settlement like Bank of America is; of course this is very troubling.

After several months with major communication problems including the accidental foreclosure sale of Nancy's home and the inability to get a single point of contact as promised by Nationstar, we decided to escalate by organizing a demonstration outside Nationstar. But there was a problem in Georgia.

Luckily the housing justice movement is growing in this country, and we have allies almost everywhere. Turns out Folks in Dallas Texas, where Nationstar's headquarter are, we more then happy to organize a solidarity action for Nancy!

So last week about a dozen folks delivered Nancy's petition(which you should sign if you haven't already). They held a demonstration outside Nationstars headquarters and passed out fliers to folks passing by. 

Now while this fight isn't over yet, Nancy had this to say, " I am overwhelmed with gratitude for these friends & apparently Nationstar was a bit overwhelmed as well. I got a phone call later that afternoon from Taylor Pettigrew, a public relations specialist at Nationstar, who very politely assured me that Nationstar wanted to work with me in every way possible & asked for some more documentation regarding my loan application. I am now putting together that documentation & we shall see what happens next.
Many thanks & Happy Holidays to all those who have signed my petition, sent good wishes or participated in any positive way with my fight to remain in my home!"

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