Monday, September 16, 2013

DeKalb Sheriff’s deputies attempting to serve an “intrusion warrant” on Toni Furman

Occupy Our Homes Atlanta, American Friends Service Committee, and Civil Rights leader Joe Beasley to held Press Conference today at Toni's home.
 On May 7th of this year, Toni Furman was in her Lithonia home when she heard someone breaking down her door. It was DeKalb Sheriff’s deputies who came to evict Toni from her home of almost 20 years. Toni was a victim of wrongful foreclosure by a notorious mortgage lender called Cenlar.

After working with Occupy Our Homes Atlanta Toni decided to lead a march to her to her home and move back in on June 10th of this year, Since then there have been at least 1000 calls, countless emails, over 5,000 have signed an online petition,  and media inquiries to Cenar with zero response.

Last week officers under  Sheriff Browns jurisdiction showed up with an Intrusion warrant and tacked it on Toni’s door. They have been back several times since. Toni and several of her neighbors have made it clear today, she will not be leaving her home, even if it means risking her freedom, she is taking a stand.

American Friends Service Committee's Atlanta Economic Justice Program is proud to stand with Toni and we continue to be inspired by everyday Americans who risk everything to stand up to the financial giants that have ravaged communities all over the country with impunity.

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