Sunday, March 3, 2013

"It's My Life" Film Festival

Student Career Alternatives Program (SCAP) is hosting it's third annual It's My Life contest. This year we are sponsoring a Youth Made Film Festival encouraging metro Atlanta youth to create short, theme centric films. 

The film genres can span the whole spectrum from animations, documentary, music video, narrative to spoof. The themes chosen will hopefully encourage thought in those areas and broaden students outlooks as they prepare for the next step in their lives. 

All entries will be screened at the Plaza Theatre April 30, 2013!
Prizes will be awarded to every theme and a cash grand prize!


Interested in volunteering?
We could use your help!

Teachers, schools, and youth clubs have been notified via snail mail, email, and phone call.

NOW we are preparing to go to schools and youth groups to discuss, encourage, and promote the festival with students and answer any questions. 

Additionally we need folks with video/editing/storytelling experience to work with youth in a workshop or classroom setting. Filmmaking can be overwhelming and we wish to encourage students to work within their means and utilize the tools available to them.

Sound up your alley? 
Contact me (Victoria) :

Let's make this a success!!

-Victoria Temple