Friday, July 1, 2011

Be The Change Edgewood Farm Crew!

Today we had the pleasure of spending an hour of so doing our "Be The Change" presentation to a group of youth who are no strangers the concept of being the change they want to see in their communities, the Edgewood Farm Crew. The crew's made up of about 15-20 youth age 14-21.

The manage a pretty extensive organic community garden which provides rich educational experiences to the community, youth leadership development, and delicious organic produce to folks that need it most. I gotta say, we were impressed.

The "Be The Change" presentation is something we put together specifically for classroom presentations. The presentation's focus is Dr. King's message and work in the last year of his life. The presentation also focuses on the modern relevancy of radical work in the late sixties.

In what ways do the giant triplets of evil(poverty, racism, and militarism), as King called them, control our minds, bodies, and communities? How do these systems of violence and oppression interact and support each other? How is Dr. King's message relevant today? What are issues he might be working on if he were alive today?

Students identified food justice, or access to food for low income folks as an issue they felt needed to be addressed. Racial profiling and police brutality was also a concern.

Lastly, after talking about local changes students would like to see in their communities, we gave a pitch for this years "Be The Change" youth convergence which is being held in Atlanta July 29-31.

Tim Franzen
American Friends Service Committee

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