Sunday, December 19, 2010

Horizons Students Share their Campaign!

As the year approaches it's end and schools across the country are preparing for their winter breaks, Horizons high school students have been preparing for it's annual, "More Than Just a Word" performance. The students take time from their normal curriculum to put together multiple short skits and performances. Every student participated in skits about a gay high school couple, a twisted sleeping beauty story, and a transexual story. There was break dancing and hip hop singers.

Opening up "More Than Just a Word" was one of the groups from our "Be the Change" Curriculum. This group presented to the audience the 1000 pinwheels they planned to send to the President. The students are going to make a wish on their 1000 pinwheels for cleaner energy resources. We are glad that the kids were able to share their pinwheels with the audience and are so proud of of their hard work! A special thanks to Erin Glynn, from the Sierra Club, for providing the kids t-shirts and moral support.

Josie Figueroa
American Friends Service Committee

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