Friday, November 12, 2010

Atlanta, Prepare Yourself!!

Our pilot program, "Be The Change Curriculum" just keeps getting more and more interesting. This week we had the pleasure of pairing young Atlanta artists and community organizers with one of seven high school student groups.

Our goal was to help each student group create a stronger analysis of the issue they had chosen to address, sharpen their focus, explore community resources, develop clear next steps, and individual accountability.

We pretty much lucked out and roped in an amazing crew of young dynamic organizers. We had WonderRoot Community Art Center Co-founder Chris Appleton, WonderRoot program manager Kwajelyn Jackson, Sierra Club field organizer Erin Glynn, Student Career Alternatives Program organizer Josie Figueroa, LGBTQ advocate Christina Vega, Living Walls organizer and street artist Monica Campana, and myself each took on a group for 90 minutes before coming back together to and let each student group present their next steps.

We don't want to let all the details out about what each group is planning organizing in the coming months but I will say that everyone present was pretty excited about the campaigns that each group is getting closer to launching.

Atlanta, prepare yourself for an unstopable force.

Monica, Chris, Kwajelyn, Josie, Christina, and Erin
Thanks You,Thank You, Thank You!!! Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to spend with Horizons students. You all made a strong impression and your impact on the students campaign work was felt:)

Tim Franzen
America Friends Service Committee

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