Monday, May 10, 2010

SCAP Benefit Concert, Dropping Truth With a Heavy Dose of Punk Rock!

Andy Fritz, a 19 year old Organizer with American Friends Service Committee's Student Career Alternatives Program(SCAP), has been organizing and playing hip hop and punk rock shows for several years now. Recently he decided to bring his tow worlds together by organizing a punk rock benefit show for SCAP aimed at a younger crowd. Andy stated, "I think a lot of my friends need to here this stuff, and I'm pretty good at talking to kids my age about it"

Andy first became active with SCAP last summer when he accepted an offer from our office to go to Chicago for a national counter military recruitment conference. Since then Andy has consistently stayed active, organizing a his friends in Henry county, hosting street actions in Henry county, emceeing SCAP's Art Contest ceremony, even provided testimony to military recruitment abuses at a recent Senate hearing.

One impressive aspect of the concert was the very short timeline in which it was planned. Andy threw the thing together pretty quickly and without any of our traditional outreach tools. I honestly thought it was going to be rather small. I was wrong. Andy managed to bring out a crowd of fresh young faces, many of whom I'd never seen before. All the bands were really great and lots of folks asked questions about SCAP and the reality of military service. We gave out lots of literature and collected emails, epic win!

So kudos Andy, keep up the good work! Oh, and a big thanks to WonderRoot Community Art Center to allowing us to use their space!!

To learn more about SCAP visit:

To learn more about WonderRoot visit:

Tim Franzen
American Friends Service Committee

Setting Up the Show

A Little Concert Footage

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