Friday, April 30, 2021

Biden Fails to Keep Life Saving Promise in His First 100 Days


Yesterday healthcare and global justice advocates gathered to protest President Biden’s drive-in rally in Atlanta celebrating his first 100 days. The demand is that he commit to providing global access to COVID-19 vaccines, as he said he would while he was a presidential candidate. This was part of a national week of action with protestors gathering at pharmaceutical company headquarters and Congressional offices in New York City; Boston; Atlanta; Washington, D.C.; Seattle; San Diego; Atlanta; and more. This comes amid mounting political pressure from more than 80 congressional Democrats, 170 former heads of state and Nobel laureates, and new polling showing that 60% of U.S. voters want President Biden to support a temporary waiver on patent protections for the COVID-19 vaccine. 

It was clear that Biden & his staff saw the banner

Yesterday we called on President Biden to stop blocking a proposal from South Africa and India to temporarily waive patent rules at the
World Trade Organization that are limiting global production of life-saving COVID vaccines and treatment. They will also call on big pharma companies to share vaccine technology through the COVID-19 Technology Access Pool. 

Biden has the power to save millions of people and stop the virus from mutating further. The question is, why is he dragging his feet as bodies burn in the streets of India?

Follow the hashtag #FreeTheVaccine to find out more.

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