Friday, March 28, 2014

Get Sick, Lose Your Home?

This past Tuesday American Friends Service Committee joinedOccupy Our Homes Atlanta at IBM's Atlanta office for struggling home defender Zannie Jackson. IBM owns Seterus Inc., a mortgage servicing company that is refusing to make a deal Zannie can afford to stay in his home. While all this is going on, Zannie is fighting for his life as his kidneys have failed. Zannie is kept alive through dialysis machine he has to hook himslef up to 4-5 times a week.

We spent time passing out flyers outside the building to folks driving by.

Zannie's story is unfortunately nothing new. When everyday people get sick they often times lose their home. In Zannie's case the lender could easily make a deal that would not only be profitable for them, it would keep Zannie in his home.

It's been a tough week for Zannie. Seterus let him know that they were unwilling to offer a deal he could afford, and he found out the his prospects for a new kidney weren't looking good as he wouldn't be able to afford the medication that he would need to take after the surgery.

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